Yoo Ah In Proves Himself as a Skilled Actor by Playing Two Characters in ‘Chicago Typewriter’

tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Chicago Typewriter’ is a drama set in both 1930 and 2017. The main characters of this drama were independent activists in the past who met again in the present after they are reincarnated. Yoo Ah In is the famous author Han Se Joo in 2017, as well as an independent activist named Seo Hui Young in the early 20th century. Im Soo Jung is Ryu Soo Hyun in the past and Jeon Seol in the present.

Image source: tvN

In the drama, Yoo Ah In could see his past life by asking questions to a typewriter, so the background will change at any time. It might shows the characters in 2017 at frst, then changes into 1930s in an instant. Han Se Joo in modern life and Seo Hui Young from the previous life are two really different characters. Yoo Ah In must express both characters perfectly and differently to increase the audience’s curiosity.

Image source: tvN

Han Se Joo is a 100% explanatory character. He is a person who has a childhood trauma but now he has become a best-seller author because of his writing ability. Seo Hui Young, on the other hand, is a person who could not be shackled. He concentrates on his work, but he also has a relaxed personality. Yoo Ah In digests these two people as if he was wearing their shirts. He could also naturally melts into the drama’s romantic comedy genre.

Image source: tvN

For Yoo Ah In, Han Se Joo and Seo Hui Young are charming characters. ‘Chicago Typewriter’ did not get as much rating as expected, but still, fans’ love played a big part in Yoo Ah In’s performance. Many viewers were highly enthusiastic about Yoo Ah In’s appearance in the 1930s, which is very different from 2017. However, regardless of any controversy, Yoo Ah In’s decision to choose ‘Chicago Typewriter’ is a good decision.

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