Big Bang Taeyang, SHINee Taemin, Highlight Lee Gikwang, the Second Generation Idols Who Are Busy With Solo Activities

EXO and Wanna One are included in the 3rd generation idol groups, and now the members of the 2nd generation idol groups are busy with their solo activities.

With solo activities, the members can show new music colors that are different from the group and enrich the color of the team by displaying their own music color.

Image Source: YG Entertainment

The first one is a member of Big Bang, Taeyang. After more than 3 years 2 months, finally Taeyang released his third solo album ‘WHITE NIGHT’ on August 16th.

In his solo activities, Taeyang rocks R&B music in a song titled ‘Darling’, and on this album, the color of his R&B music is pretty noticeable and visible.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

The member of the Hallyu group SHINee, Taemin, has been doing solo activities for 1 year and 6 months. Taemin will release his third solo album and will hold his first solo concert ‘off – sick’ at Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Hall on 26-27 August.

Image Source: Around Us Entertainment

Former ‘Beast’ member who has changed into ‘Highlight’ Lee Gikwang will start his solo activities after debuting for 8 years. On August 4th, the agency of Highlight has released the teaser photos of Lee Gikwang’s latest solo album ‘ONE’.

Big Bang, SHINee, and Highlight are the 2nd generation idol groups. Unlike the 3rd and 4th generation idol groups that move as a team, the idols from the 2nd generation are busy with their own solo activities to show the color of their own music and the agencies also support their decision.

The music industry observer said, “Unlike the 3rd and 4th generation idol groups that have a strong energy, the 2nd generation idol has more experience. A solo activity is an opportunity for them to maximize their ability. With this, more idols will come with other music colors and make the music industry richer”.

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