‘Temperature of Love’ Episodes 39 and 40, Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin’s Happy Ending

Actors Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin ‘Temperature of Love’ have a happy ending. On the 21st in the last episode of SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’, the main character relationship got reunited. On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) and Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) are back being friends. Park Jung Woo said, “Hyun Soo has never been interested in me. Congratulations because she chose you and I lost” while smiling.

Image Source : SBS

Lee Hyun Soo’s relationship (Seo Hyun Jin) and On Jung Sun got deepen. On Jung Sun said, “This is a small step, but one step ahead. On my phone your contact name is ‘Lee Hyun Soo’. I will take care of you till the end of my life. ” Hyun Soo is aware of the way the two love each other differently.

Lee Hyun Soo gave the ring and proposed On Jung Sun. “We must forget the past to move forward. Jung Sun tried to love me while I look after him. But I like love, love myself. I’m waiting for a guy named Jung Sun to get better”, Hyun Soo conveyed her feelings.

Image Source : SBS

“I do not want to have a wedding ceremony. Just a family dinner is enough”, Hyun Soo said. “I just want to live with you”, replied Jung Sun. On Jung Sun and Lee Hyun Soo invited their closest relatives to dinner. “This place is a place for two people to start living together”, he said celebrating their marriage.

Image Source : SBS

“I made some mistakes and got close because of those mistakes. A woman who thinks love is a choice and the man who considers love is destiny decided to live together. Now I believe in destiny”, Hyun Soo said. They continued, “Our love is destiny but separation is a choice and responsibility. Our love story will continue.”