Park Seo Joon, Lee Jong Suk, and Yoo Seung Ho Successful Actor Who Work with The Director of ‘I’m Not A Robot’

Ahead of the premiere of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘I’m Not A Robot’ on December 6th, the popularity of the drama is on the rise. The chemistry shown by director Jung Dae Yoon and his actors managed to win the hearts of viewers.

Image Source : MBC

I’m Not A Robot ‘is a romantic comedy that tells about a man who is allergic to humans and never dating but then he falls in love with a female robot.

Through the work of ‘I’m Not A Robot’ the combination of fresh material and romantic comedy genre will provide changes on the screen. Jung Dae Yoon’s spectacular directing skills and the acting of the actors are full of synergies which is awaited by viewers.

Image Source : MBC

‘She Was Pretty’ and ‘W’ are works by director Jung Dae Yoon who has captivated viewers with its unique story. The actors who became the main actors also showed great chemistry. Park Seo Joon who plays Ji Sung Joon in ‘She Was Pretty’ is loved by Chinese, Japanese and Korean fans as well as proving his fame as a Hallyu star. Lee Jong Suk who plays ‘Kang Chul’ in the drama ‘W’ became one of the male characters who shone in the year 2016 through the work of Jung Dae Yoon. Therefore,the  meeting of Jung Dae Yoon with Yoo Seung Ho this time is hugelt awaited. Yoo Seung Ho for the first time tries the genre of romantic comedy and Jung Dae Yoon who has good chemistry with the male cast has attracted attention.