6 Streets in Seoul that Presents the Beauty of Maple Leaves in Autumn

Korea is one of the countries that has 4 seasons. Autumn becomes the most suitable season for overseas tourists visiting Korea. In this season the Koreans are already wearing coats to warm their bodies and increasingly make the look of being fashionable. In addition to the cool weather, the leaves of the maple tree in this country have changed color to redness. Tourists do not have to go far to see reddish maple leaves. Because in downtown Korea there are a lot of maple trees with reddish leaf. The leaves in autumn will peak in the last week of October. Here are 6 streets in downtown Seoul suitable for viewing red leaves of maple trees.

1. Istana Gyeongbok

Image Source: Pinterest

Visitors can see the red maple leaves at Gyeongbok Palace which is a magnificent old palace with a large pool with Korean feeling.

The red maple leaves between the roads leading to the palace attracted the eyes of the visitors.

2. Seoul Forest

Image Source: Visit Korea

Walking in Seoul Forest, visitors can see the beautiful yellow ginkgo tree leaves.

If a visitor walks along the road, visitors can enjoy the sound of falling leaves, which can only be heard during autumn.


3. Deoksugung Gil

Image Source: Visit Korea

The road from Daehanmun to Kyunghyang Shinmun is called Deoksunggung which is famous for its beauty and becomes the best way to enjoy Seoul.

Large gingko trees, zelkova trees, and maple apricot leaves will calm the visitor’s mood.
4. World Cup Park

Image Source: Insight

World Cup Park is famous for its autumn leaves that are changing and becoming a very popular place in the fall.

Visitors can picnic under a maple tree, and World Park Park is considered a family weekend outing.

5. Danau Seokchon

Image Source: Songpa, Insight

Lake Seokchon located in Jamsil is a place where visitors can easily enjoy the foliage changing colors by using the subway or bus.

The leaves surrounding this large leaf present an unusual atmosphere with the combination of tall buildings.

6. Gilsangsa

Image Source: Time Out

The leaves that change colors at the Gilsangsa temple is said to be the most beautiful in Seoul.

Under the sunshine in autumn, many of the leaves that change color glow beautifully.

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