Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun’s Love Story, All Dialogs Are Shining (Part 1)

Sometimes sincere, sometimes playing around. Every sentence that Gong Yoo uttered is shining.

tvN’s Goblin has ended on January 21. Now, let’s take a look at Kim Shin (gong Yoo)’s dialog whose heart belongs to Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun).

First love

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When he was reading a poetry, he realized his feelings toward Ji Eun Tak who always told him that she loved him and that she was the goblin’s bride. The last line, ‘First love’, which Kim Shin read was the moment when he finally realized that he had met his first love.

Your boyfriend is here!

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After Ji Eun Tak proved herself as the goblin’s bride, they started living together. They argued a lot because Kim Shin always asked her to pull the sword from his chest, but Eun Tak always postponed it. When Eun Tak demanded to get a boyfriend, Kim Shin unconsciously said, “He’s here, in front of you, me!”. Then he went to hide out of shyness.

Every moment spent with you are shining

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Kim Shin now knew the truth that Ji Eun Tak would no longer be in danger if she finished her duty as the goblin’s bride. Ji Eun Tak who didn’t know that Kim Shin would disappear once she pulled the sword, stood in front of him. Then he uttered his feelings, “Good day, bad day, even just an ordinary day, they are all good”.

What kind of door will I open, will it change the God’s plan

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Ji Eun Tak ran away when she knew that Kim Shin would disappear if she pulled the sword. However, then they met again and convinced each other’s feelings. Kim Shin then took her back home. Kim Shin told the grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who knew about their fate, “Persistently trying to look for her, what kind of door will I open, will it change the God’s plan?” He was sure that his fate could change.


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