Korean Idol Group Apink Bomi’s Sensitive Skin Care Routine

Are you having a hard time with your sensitive skin? I feel you

I want you to introduce the cleansing routine that I’m doing these days. That is the Korean Idol group Apink member Bomi’s Cleansing Routine!

She said she had been clean skin before. Her skin used to be flawless, and she didn’t even have the smallest troubles at all. But after went through extreme diets, she got a skin disease called Atopy.

When she used to be very sensitive skin, she searched on a YouTube cleansing routine for sensitive skin. So, she introduces that way on her YouTube channel.

If you have a problem with your sensitive skin, this is a good way to improve your skin condition.
Preparation for cleansing: Toner (Your daily toner or skin), Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Gel, Cotton Pad (Recommend using for soft touch), Cosmetics for Daily Skin Care.

1. Use your daily toner for cleansing instead of cleansing water. Spray your daily toner on your face.

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘뽐뽐뽐’

[CCURI: She uses toner for cleansing. I think this is a very special tip in her routine.]

She said toner has the same ingredient with cleansing water. So, I searched about it.

Not all the toner is fine for cleansing. If your toner contains PEG and oil thing is suitable to use in cleansing. They are doing roles like a surfactant.

But if the toner very watery texture, it is not suitable for use as a cleanser.

2. Use soft cotton pads with minimum pressure. Just gently go over with it so that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘뽐뽐뽐’

Until there’s nothing, spray skin and repeat about 4 to 5 times, very gently cleanse your face.

3. With an eye remover, place it on the eyes. Cleanse remained eye makeup.

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘뽐뽐뽐’

While removing the eye makeup, the face going to go dry. You should keep spraying toner on your face. It’s going to go moisturize your skin.

After removing all your makeup, lastly spray the toner on your face and again go over it.

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘뽐뽐뽐’

Actually, now is the start of real cleansing

  • First, apply cleansing oil very gently.

Don’t need to cleanse detail, gently go over them and remove them with warm water

  • The next step uses a gel cleanser. Use a small amount of them and rubbing on your face for about 30seconds. Then remove them.
Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘뽐뽐뽐’
  • After washing the face, Do not dry using a towel. Let it be. Again, spray toner on the cotton pad and go over it on the face gently.
Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘뽐뽐뽐’
  • And finally, do your daily skincare routine.

[CCURI: She used cosmetics suited for her skin disease. So, I think only note about the cleansing routine is good for you.
I know cleansing is an annoyer thing than doing makeup. But to maintain healthy and clean skin, cleansing is very important. This routine looks so complex, but if you do it steadily, you can have more clean skin than before.]