Korean Drama Inside Fashion K-drama “Our Beloved Summer” – 2022 Fashion Trends in Korea

Korean fashion trends are changing fast-paced. There are many people who are sensitive to changing fashion trends.

There are clothes called “Basic items” must-have in each season, and there are different fashionable accessories matched season by season.

Many fashion brands get a chance to advance in Korea because there is the easiest accessibility to online malls and fast shipments.

I want to share about the 2030 fashion trends that are woman’s daily look through the Korean dramas.

Korean 2030 woman’s fashion is not too much their clothes are very stylish.

Among them, I’d like to introduce about shirts coordination.

First, coordination in drama “Our Beloved Summer”

Image Source : Official

1. A Sky Shirt with A Black Slacks Pants

Image Source : SBS

In this drama’s main character Yeon-su Guk she wears many kinds of shirts in her office.

When the shirts are used as an office look, it feels like just a well-groomed appearance.

But she made different ways of styles like folding the sleeves and opening some shirts’ buttons were made her look stylish.

A sky color shirt with black slacks pants.

It’s a very normal look that anybody easily wears

It’s the way of making the shirts’ sleeves folded with oversized shirts. she wore black slack pants.

Image Source : SBS

And she matched with the big canvas bag and sneakers. She wore a shirt, but it was not too formal.

2. The Brown Shirt with A Long Black Skirt

Image Source : SBS

The brown color shirt with a long black skirt makes her elegant.

Just only change a sort of pants will make other vibes.

Image Source : Official

I think she has a different style in this picture. Because she used to wear pants with a shirt.

By the way, this time just wearing a shirt with a skirt made her look modern.

3. The Ivory shirt with the Khaki Color Pants

Image Source : SBS

The ivory color basic shirt with the wide shape kara makes a point different from normal shirts.

She matched with loose-fit slacks pants, that is the same kind of the color ton, making her stylish and modern. This daily look is my favorite one of mine.

Image Source : SBS

4. A White Color Pointed Shirt

Image Source : SBS

This shirt looks like same with the sky color shirt in the first picture, but this shirt is pointed to the white color of the sleeves and kara. This shirt was fast sold out after broadcasting. The points of the shirt make her not too well-groomed but stylish.

Image Source : SBS

If you have worries about your style with the normal shirts or look too tidy, I recommend to you to wear pointed clothes like this shirt.

In this drama, the main woman character’s daily looks are well-groomed and stylish. If you had some troubles with your daily look or office look, I hope it will be helpful. It’s not too hard to follow her style. She only matched with various colors of slacks pants or long skirts with sneakers.
So, through the K-drama we could find 2030 Korean woman’s style trends.

I think they will be evaluated as stylish and cool, even though a few years later. How was today’s content? Please let me know which kind of content you wonder about in Korea.