Korean popular foods in K-drama “A Business Proposal” – No.1 Oven Roasted Chicken Goobne Chicken

Have you ever eaten Korean foods? or Do you know about Korean foods?

Chicken is one of the famous food in Korea.
Korea is very famous for various kinds of foods.

Have you ever heard about Korean Chicken?

There are various tastes different from other countries.

Basically, there are fried chicken and seasoned chicken.

These days with various seasonings added, there are many choices, such as soy sauce flavored chicken, garlic-flavored chicken, and spicy flavored chicken.

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And if you want to enjoy various flavored chickens, you can choose the half and half choice.

Usually, We think the chicken has to be fried with oil. Fried foods are tasty but not good for your health. So, sometimes it is pressured not to eat often.

If you want to consider your health, roasted foods are better than fried foods.

So, here’s another way to eat chicken with considering our health.

Goobne Chicken

They are famous for oven-roasted chicken.

It is oil-free chicken, so it has a healthy and clean taste.

Their seasoning makes their chicken different from others.

The name is so overwhelming. Volcano Chicken that with the
chili paste oven-roasted is spicy but so popular with fans of chicken.

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GALBI SAUCE CHICKEN is made with Korean traditional rib sauce.
I think it’s so nice because you can enjoy both Galbi and chicken tastes.

The seasoning makes more attractive the oven-roasted chicken.

Through the seasoned chickens, you can enjoy the K-sauces.

Goobne was opened in Singapore for the first time overseas.

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Singapore is the first country where they opened.

They announce the Korean oven-roasted chicken in the world. To overseas fans in Southeast Asia like Singapore and Indonesia, the most popular chicken is the representative spicy chicken name is Volcano.

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Korean drama name is “A Business Proposal”, you can watch on Netflix, the main character Ha-ri Shin’s parent’s business store was Goobne Chicken.

Currently, you can meet the Goobne Chicken store in your country! Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Malesia, Indonesia, Australia, Macau, China.

Please let me know which menu is the best for your tastes in Goobne Chicken!