Squid Game’s Hoyeon Jung’s Steps for Perfect Skin and a Two-Tone Lip

Squid game’s Hoyeon Jung’s Steps for skincare and two-tone lip makeup with her tips.

She uses Korea clinic skincare products that she customer her skin type.

Her skincare routine is same with us. She does skincare step by step.

Step 1

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘VOGUE’

Dab a few drops of a face toner a cotton pad. At this time, she cares her neck skin too. After that applying essence and moisturizer on the skin.

Step 2

She massaged her face during her routine from time to time by using her hand or massage stick. She stimulated some spots for slimming down her puffy face and eyes.

**Note to her massage routine.

I recommend to you do like this in the morning.

Step 3

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘VOGUE’

Her favorite item is “Lucas’ papaw ointment”. This product is already very famous called as cure-all cream. Because it is good for dry lips, skin and used for hair essence, face cream, and ointment for atopy and insect bites. Hoyeon used this cream as a lip balm for her dry lips.

Step 4

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘VOGUE’

Using a stress-fix oil serum. Rolling it on behind the ears. The yellow oil contains aroma oil that is lavender oil. It’s good for relieve from stress.

Step 5

She uses two tones concealers. she uses concealers as a covering her blemishes and dark spot under the eyes. But I think her skin is too clean not enough to use concealers.

Step 6

Brush eyebrows and eyelashes. And curl eyelashes with a curler.

Step 7

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘VOGUE’

Use two colors of lipsticks Brown and Red. Brown color for full lips and Red for the middle side of lips.

Image Source: Youtube Channel ‘VOGUE’

After dressed up used for L’Oréal hair oil for moisturizing hair.

Hoyeon Jung’s Skincare and Makeup products.

1. Skincare products for her skin type (The Clinic products)

2. Lucas’ papaw ointment

3. Aveda stress-fix™ concentrate

4. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

5. L’Oréal Mythic Oil