SEVENTEEN to Comeback with ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’

SEVENTEEN released their 4th mini album track list!

Image source: Pledis Entertainment

On May 17th, SEVENTEEN released the track list for their 4th mini album, ‘Al1’.

In this mini album, there are 8 new songs including the title track ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’. Unlike their previous title songs such as ‘Adore U’, ‘Mansae’, ‘Pretty U’, ‘Very Nice’, and ‘Boom Boom’ which depicts the feeling of falling in love, ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ is a song about the moment when someone experiences a deep sadness for the first time in their life.

Not only the title track that has been stealing attention. SEVENTEEN also presents songs from the vocal unit, hip-hop unit, and performance unit. There is also a song titled ‘My I’ which will be sung by Jun and The8.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will make a comeback on May 22, 2017.

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