Seo In Guk: The Superstar’s Long Journey

In 2009, Seo In Guk started his career as a singer by appearing in “Superstar K Season 1”. Seo In Guk has now become an actor and a producer. CastKo brings you to the journey of Seo In Guk’s career so far.

Musician, Singer and Actor

With his talents in singing in acting, Seo In Guk participated in the Original Soundtrack of “Love Rain” with his song “Destiny”. His songs are praised to have successfully described the sad atmosphere of the drama.

Image source : tvN
Image source : tvN

After that, Seo In Guk appeared as an actor for “Reply 1997,” “The Master’s Sun” and “High School King of Savvy”. He also released the Official Soundtrack of the dramas he appeared for.


Seo In Guk has worked on various genres of music such as ballad, dance, hip hop and R&B. In 2016, Seo In Guk showed his style by producing his own song, as a songwriter. “Season of the Heart”, released on March, and “BeBe”, released on 28th, proved his capacity as a songwriter.

Image source : CJENMMUSIC Official
Image source : CJENMMUSIC Official

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