Kim Ok Bin’s ‘The Villainess’ Receive Warm Responses in Cannes International Film Festival

The movie ‘The Villainess’, starring Kim Ok Bin and Shin Ha Kyung received a lot of attention in Cannes Film Festival. ‘The Villainess’ received so many warm responses after it was screened in Cannes Film Festival and has been successfully sold in 136 countries. In particular, Kim Ok Bin’s action scenes garnered a lot of praises. In ‘The Villaines’, Kim Ok Bin plays as a murderer named Sook Hee, and displayed many classy action scenes.

Image source: K STAR

In addition, Shin Ha Kyun’s action scenes also seize the attention of the audience. Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Ok Bin have starred in the same movie thrice, from ‘Thirst’, ‘The Front Line’, to ‘The Villainess’. “I think I have a good acting chemistry with him,” said Kim Ok Bin about her co-star.

Image source: K STAR

Let’s see the chemistry of Shin Ha Kyung and Kim Ok Bin in the movie ‘The Villainess’ which is going to be released in Korean cinemas on June 8.