PENTAGON Makes Their Comeback with ‘Critical Beauty’

PENTAGON is back with their 3rd mini album, ‘CEREMONY’.

This time, PENTAGON showcased their masculine charm. They will perform a different charm with their new title track, ‘Critical Beauty’, which is a mix of hip-hop and rock n roll.

Image source: K STAR

In addition, PENTAGON also appears with interesting ‘twin’ style. “The concept for our outfit is a coat, plus PENTAGON’s hip hop style. Every two members will wear same clothes, just like twins.”

Shinwon’s twin, Yanan, was unable to attend the comeback showcase because of his injury. “Yes it’s very unfortunate since we’ve worked hard and diligently practiced together. We’ll be back with Yanan soon,”

Image source: K STAR

Other stars also show their support for PENTAGON’s comeback, for example, Hyuna, who works together in Triple H with Hui and E’Dawn. Hyuna even came to visit the location of PENTAGON’s MV filming. In addition, BTOB’s Jung Il Hoon gave them a song titled ‘Beautiful’. ‘Produce 101’ contestant Lai Guan Lin, who is in the same agency as PENTAGON, also expressed his support.

We will continue to support PENTAGON’s brilliant career!