‘Older Women’ Trend among Celebrity Couples!

These days, ‘couples with different age’ is trending between Korean celebrities.

Actress Ryu Hyun Kyun and actor Park Sung Hoon have confirmed that they’re dating. They met in a musical titled ‘Almost Maine’. Ryu Hyun Kyung, who was born in 1983, is 2 years older than Park Sung Hoon, who was born in 1985.
These days, Ivy and Go Eun Sang’s breakup rumor has become quite a headline. They became a couple after starring in a musical together. Ivy is 8 years older than her boyfriend. According to Ivy’s agency, the couple previously broke up, but now they’ve decided to resume their relationship.

Image source: K-Star

Actress Han Chae Ah’s boyfriend is Cha Se Jji, a guy who’s 4 years younger. Previously, Han Chae Ah denied their dating rumor by saying that they’re only friends. In January, Joo Won and BoA also confirmed their relationship. The two of them met trough mutual friends and started to grow closer due to some shared hobbies.

United first as models for a brand, now Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah is one of the most popular couples in the industry. Shin Min Ah is 5 years older than Kim Woo Bin.

Image source: K-Star

There are a lot of couples in which the women are older who have gotten married.

Bada accepted the proposal from her boyfriend, who’s 9 years younger than her, when they were skydiving. Previously, actress Ku Hye Sun also married Ahn Jae Hyun. Rain and Kim Tae Hee had their wedding in February. Kim Tae Hee is one years older than Rain.

These days, couple tend to be in a relationship for the sake of love, and a lot of them have became more open about their relationship. They do not bother themselves with people’s opinions as much as it was in the past. Naturally, a lot of couples in which the women are older start to emerge.