Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung’s Ways to Brighten Your Skin

What is the easy way to make our skin whiter? Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung are two Korean female stars who have beautiful white skin that is desired by everyone.

Beautiful white skin can by achieved by doing regular whitening treatments. We offer skin care tips that could make your skin beautifully brightened!

Image source: Agatha

Step 1. “Skin Protector” – Sunscreen

Whitening treatments require more caring and more patient treatment than other skin treatment. Black stains that make our skin looks dull occur due to excessive melanin that has settled in the skin for a long time. The most basic treatment is to apply sunscreen, to not expose the skin to as much ultraviolet light as possible.

Sunscreen also fuctions to prevent the formation of excessive new melanin in the skin. It is recommended that sunscreen should be lightly applied to the skin first in the morning after morning skin care, and to be applied periodically from time to time. Sunscreen can block ultraviolet light for a long time. Using sunscreen is the most basic and important stage of whitening treatment.

Step 2. “Clean Cleansing” – Foam Cleansing & Scrubbing

If you want to brighten your skin color, it’s good to use a scrub. Excessive scrubs can irritate sensitive skin and cause side effects, but the right scrub can remove old keratin and sebum, which makes our skin brighter.

Moreover, when sunscreen is applied regularly, excess sebum can come out because there’s a lot of oil on the skin. Use a scrub containing hypoallergenic ingredients to wipe the area where sebum often emerges.

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Step 3. “Skin Blood Circulation” – Massage Cream

The most important thing of having white skin is to also have a healthy and moist skin. If you want to make the skin moist, massage the skin to smoothen its circulation. If the blood circulation in our skin is smooth, the skin tone will become bright and moist. Using a natural health massage cream that does not irritate the skin can provide moisture quickly without creating further problems or skin damage.

First of all, wash your face well, clean the skin texture with a skin toner. Then, apply a natural massage cream gently with your finger for 3-5 minutes. After that, wipe the cream with your fingers in certain motion to help the skin’s circulation, helping to make the skin white and transparent.