3 New coming Actors Whose Names Are Rising

As the entertainment industry continues going strong, more and more newcomers appear in dramas. These actors also attract the attention of female fans and begin to rise. Who are they?

1. Yang Se Jong

Image Source: SBS

Yang Se Jong began to rise while starring in SBS ‘Temperature of Love’ as On Jung Seon. The charm of Yang Se Jong in this drama is inevitable. He has really mastered the hearts of female fans today.

2. Jung Hae In

Image Source: SBS

Jung Hae In becomes a kind and gentle cop in the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’. His very sweet smile and the aura of a policeman make him look dazzling and become the hot topic.

3. Kim Min Kyu

Image Source: tvN

Who is not familiar with Kim Min Kyu with his sweet smile full of dimples? Kim Min Kyu began to become a hot topic after starring in the drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’.