Jung Yong Hwa Released His First the Album Photos With Hawaiian Feeling

Jung Yong Hwa’s agency, through their official site, released the first photos of his mini album ‘DO DISTURB’ on July 12. In the released photos, Jung Yong Hwa wears a Hawaiian shirt with a bright pattern, enjoying his summer break. Under the warm sun, he rode an open car, and we could feel the cheerful atmosphere of his new album through the photos. In another photo, he poses as if he is making a cocktail at the bar.

Image Source: FNC Entertainment

Jung Yong Hwa’s first mini album ‘DO DISTURB’ main track is titled ‘That Girl’ which is a funky pop that combines Rapper Loco’s rap and Jung Yong Hwa’s vocal. The rhythm that matches the feeling of drinking a glass of cocktail while shaking our body will bring us the feeling of a cool weather in the heat of summer.

His new album ‘DO DISTURB’ will be released on the 19th through various music sites. On July 13, he will release a new special photo album ‘DO DISTURB’ and starts his comeback.

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