‘Silence’ Park Shin Hye Reveals Her New Side and Looks Different Than Usual

Actress Park Shin Hye was seen attending a press conference ‘Silence’ in CGV Apgujeong, in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam, Seoul on the 27th.

Park Shin Hye said, “My new self-image will be visible and I will be slightly different than usual.”

At the press conference ‘Silence’ at CGV Apgujeong, Park Shin Hye explained that Hee Jung is someone whose feelings change a lot.

image source : CJ Entertainment

Park Shin Hye said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about how to describe Hee Jung’s looking for the truth, and I got a lot of help from the director to get the details.”

She added, “I was shooting with a sense of tension but I was thinking that in the future all the trance might be enjoyed by me. Through this film I get good energy and I am honored to be playing with senior Choi Min Sik.”

‘Silence’ tells of Im Tae San (Choi Min Sik) who pursues a case to prove his daughter is innocent after his daughter is accused of being a murder suspect of her fiancé. The film will be released in Korea in November.

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