‘Anarchist from Colony’ Movie Press Conference

Actor Lee Je Hoon, who appeared in the movie ‘Anarchist from Colony’, announced he is a not fun nor funny person. Lee Je Hoon is famous as ‘the icon of not funny person’. Can the title ‘really non-exciting’ be removed during ‘Anarchist from Colony’ press conference?

“To make people laugh, I usually prepare 10 words and choose 1 of them, but today, I just prepared 5 words and choose 1 of them,” said the actor. While Lee Je Hoon is preparing his joke, the MC interviewed Choi Hee Seo, the heroine of’Anarchist from Colony’. “Do you prefer ‘Anarchist from Colony’ or ‘Dongju’?” asked the MC. “I’m conflicted. Both movies have macho men, but I like that kind of character, you know, that is gentle, so I prefer ‘Anarchist from Colony’,”

Lee Je Hoon’s change in the movie ‘Anarchist from Colony’ gets a lot of attention. If you’re curious about Lee Je Hoon’s transformation, do not forget to watch ‘Anarchist from Colony’ starting on June 28th!