‘The Outlaws’ Defeated ‘The Fortress’ After 6 Days of Its Release

‘The Outlaws’  was expected to compete with ‘The Fortress’ and successfully scored the box office and created a new genre after 6 days of release. ‘The Outlaws’ has been successful with 2 million viewers, being one of the films with surprising results.

Image Source : Megabox Plus M

On the 9th, according to the film screening association, ‘The Outlaws’ has surpassed 2 million viewers. After the release on the 3rd, ‘The Outlaws’ for the first time was ranked 1st in box office. ‘The Outlaws’ is a film about gangster crushing operations from a powerful homicide detective swept away from Yanbian. The new director, Kang Yoon Sung, cast the actors Ma Dong Suk and Yoon Kye Sang to represent good and evil characters.

It is not easy to defeat the aura of ‘The Fortress’ as it did ‘The Outlaws’, which has received much praise from the premiere held before its release. When top-class actor Lee Byung Hun, Kim Yoon Suk, Park Hae-il, Go Soo, and Jo Woo Jin gather in ‘The Fortress’, the box office position will be filled by them. Moreover, a film based on history is expected to achieve success. Biggest competitor such as ‘Kingsman: Golden Circle’ and ‘I Can Speak’ are also inevitable.


Image Source : CJ Entertainment

However, after the release, the charts of ‘The Fortress’ and ‘The Outlaws’ began to move in different directions. Although the movie ‘The Fortress’ has no cinematic shortcomings, the story is a bit heavier and makes the audience begin to wonder. While ‘The Outlaws’ has the tension and cannot be missed by people. In addition, there are various comedy movies that will captivate the audience.

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