[RANK AND TALK] 5 Indonesian Restaurants in Korea

If you guys are going to Korea and afraid of tasting Korean cuisine, or you do not like it, here are some Indonesian restaurants you need to visit!

1.Warung Barokah

Image Source: pulsk

The restaurant is located in Ansan, South Korea.

1.Warung Makan Borobudur

Image Source: trazy.com

This restaurant is located on the B1 floor of the Fashion Island building. The menu here is all Indonesian food with price range 7000-13000 won.

3.Bali Bistro

Image Source : romanticiguana.blogspot.com

This restaurant owned by a Korean but good at speaking Bahasa Indonesia. Its location is in the Sinchon Station exit 6 area.

4.Siti Sarah

Image Source: Sitisarah.net

The owner of this restaurant is Indonesian. It is located in Itaewon.

5.Warung Batavia

Image Source : alaindonesia.net

This restaurant is located in Ansan. The way to go there is by taking subway line 4 down to Ansan Station. From there take exit no.1 then go into its underground tunnel and exit through the left door.