‘Black’ Episode 6 Song Seung Hun Has Become More Human-Like, Has Romance With Go Ah Ra Started?

Song Seung Hun begins to care about Go Ah Ra. On the 29th, in the OCN ‘Black’ drama, Black brings out the charm of the tseundere making Ha Ram’s heart (Go Ah Ra) thumping. Black was surprised to find himself in the human body and decided to escape quickly. Black borrowed the body of detective Han Moo Kang and he tried to get off from his body if he has solved his problem and come back again to his world.

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Black took advantage of Ha Ram who likes Han Moo Kang, for the woman, he is acting like Han Moo Kang. Ha Ram can see the shadow of death and be used to look for a blur of death. Black was not clear to Ha Ram, but he blamed her for gunshot wounds. However, Black suddenly makes Ha Ram’s heart pounding.

At tteokpokki restaurant, Ha Ram left tteokpokki stains in her mouth. Black cleaned it with his hand and Ha Ram could not hide her embarrassed expression. Black ate the soup with his hands, he started eating tteokpokki and knows whether he likes it or not but his expression is funny. Their funny romance attracts attention.

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In the midst of both, for the sake of observing Leo, the two went to a Halloween party. Ha Ram transformed into Fiona’s daughter while Black became ‘Joe Black’. He showed cool appearance and made Ha Ram impressed. Their eyes radiated with love.

Black also felt jealous. Black saw Ha Ram as Fiona dancing with Man Soo (Kim Dong Joon), “You two do not match” Black said showing his jealousy.

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At the end of the episode, Black fought with someone and stabbed by a knife and fell to the river. Black could no longer use the body of Han Moo Kang, “The woman will be very sad” he said thinking about Ha Ram. Then he realized that he was still trapped in the body of Han Moo Kang. “Why is this. Why can not I get out?”, Black said confusedly. Black and Ha Ram’s romance began to unfold and Black became a more human-like figure.