‘Black’ Episode 14, Kim Dong Joon Became Cupid To Go Ah Ra and Song Seung Hoon

Kim Dong Joon became cupid to Go Ah Ra and Song Seung Hoon after having a one-side love to her. On the 26th of the drama OCN ‘Black’ episode 14, Oh Man Soo (Kim Dong Joon) declared his love for Kang Ha Ram (Go Ah Ra) and sent a video of Black (Han Moo Kang / Song Seung Hoon).

That day, Kang Ha Ram survived. Kang Ha Ram who thought she will die survived thanks to Oh Man Soo’s help. Oh Man Soo worried about Kang Ha Ram and chased serial killer Wang Young Choon. He saw the killer assaulting Kang Ha Ram and directly protected her until he was stabbed with a knife. When Oh Man Soo took time, Kang Ha Ram arrived and hit the back of Wang Young Choon’s head. Kang Ha Ram ran away with Oh Man Soo.

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Kang Ha Ram found some sort of iron grating and took shelter with Oh Man Soo. Though they lost track of Wang Young Choon, inside the iron graple they only had to wait for dead time.” Looks like I’m gonna die, Do you see the shadow of death? That is not fair. I have not expressed my feelings. Kang Ha Ram, will you date me? Just until before I die. Be my lover before I die. I do not want to be single at the end of my life”, Oh Man Soo said.

At that time, Black came to save both, but Kang Ha Ram still treated him like Kim Joon, her first love. Han Moo Kang lied for her, she was more worried about Oh Man Soo who was almost dead. Black saw Kang Ha Ram behaving like that and felt jealous. Oh Man Soo reassured once more, “I really like Kang Ha Ram.”

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In the midst of such a situation, the death of Oh Chun Soo was known by Kang Ha Ram. She felt more and more guilty that she cannot realize Oh Man Soo’s request to prevent Oh Chun Soo’s death. Black was drunk on his own and greeted Kang Ha Ram. At that moment, Oh Man Soo accidentally saw the video of Han Moo Kang through Tiffany.

To find Kang Ha Ram who disappeared Han Moo Kang went to Wang Young Choon and said, “Where is Kang Ha Ram?” Oh Man Soo who saw his video gave the video to Kang Ha Ram. Tifanny was worried and said, “Do not you like Kang Ha Ram? Is your relationship not good?” But Oh Man Soo conveyed Han Moo Kang’s love to Kang Ha Ram.

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Kang Ha Ram saw Han Moo Kang in the video, she heard Yoon So Wan’s (Lee El) explanation that Han Moo Kang did not cheat her, she realized her love for Han Moo Kang. Kang Ha Ram looked for Black to say farewell, “I think about it again, I like you not because of Joon. The one I love is you, Han Moo Kang”, Go Ah Ra confessed and kissed him.

Han Moo Kang and Kang Ha Ram’s great love is a hindrance to Oh Man Soo. He sincerely recognized Han Moo Kang and revealed himself as cupid to Kang Ha Ram. Thanks to Oh Man Soo, Kang Ha Ram and Han Moo Kang can realize each other’s feelings.

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