Henry, Debut in Hollywood America… Starred in a family movie ‘A Dog’s Journey’

Singer Henry will starred in the Hollywood Movie in America.

‘A Dog’s Journey’ is a movie that as directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and also the director of the popular American tv Series ‘Modern Family’ named Gil Mancuso who has won the total 2 Emmy Awards in consecutives.

image source: Star1

‘A Dog’s Journey’ is the sequel of a movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ that was released in 2017 and its main lead, Dennis Quaid is the main character in the CSI series. Henry will play the role of Trent which one of the main characters in this movie.

Meanwhile, Henry’s Movie ‘A Dog’s Journey’ is a family movie that will touch the viewers heart through the story of a dog who found the reason of its existence in human’s life through its main point of view.