Yook Sung Jae and Kim Se Jeong in ‘Law of the Jungle’ Sumatera

On March 17, SBS’ variety show ‘Law of the Jungle in Sumatera’ showed Byung Man and the other members coming to the island.

Image source: SBS

Byung Man’s team includes Kim Byung Man, Yook Sung Jae, Kim Se Jeong, Kwak Si Yang, KCM, Lee Byung Kyu, Jo Se Ho, and Peniel. After receiving a warm greeting, they got the news that they would stay in a ‘resort’ there.

However, they couldn’t hide their disappointment upon realizing that the promised ‘resort’ was only an old and damaged building. Several years ago, the resort was destroyed by the tsunami. “We can survive using the leftovers here”, said Kim Byung Man to his team.

Image source: SBS

KCM and Yook Sung Jae caught a lizard and they seemed to have adjusted to the life in the island. They also went to to the beach to catch something from the sea. Kim Byung Man, Kwak Si Yang, and Kim Se Jeong who were searching inside the resort moved to the big road without even feeling tired. With her nonchalant and bright personality, Kim Se Jeong became the ‘vitamin’ for the other members.

The members then gathered again and started to recycle the things they found to use it later. Kim Se Jeong and Jo Se Ho snorkeled, while KCM and Yook Sung Jae made a fish rod from the wood and they went to catch a fish.

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