CJ Entertainment Releases Pictures from Im Si Wan’s Upcoming Movie, ‘THE MERCILESS’

Following the explosive reaction toward its first poster and trailer, CJ Entertainment recently released some pictures from ‘The Merciless’, a crime action movie that is going to be released next month, May 2017.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

‘The Merciless’ has loyalti and betrayal as its theme, and the story revolves around a fearless leader of a criminal organization (played by Seol Kyung Gu) and a rookie who has just joined the club (played by Im Si Wan).

Around 10 photos were released to give audience some sneak peeks to the movie. Even at first glance, it’s already clear that we could expect to see some stylish transformations from the actors and lavish action scenes from the movie.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

‘The Merciless’ features two main actors with excellent filmography, Seol Kyung Gu and Im Si Wan. From the sneak peek photos, we could already see the breathtaking tension and the palpable chemistry between the two main leads. One particular frame shows the appearance of a strong man who is ready to destroy the rookie who has challenged him, also the fearless and determined face of the rookie, unflinching even at gun point.

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