Eun Bin, Eun Chae, Kim Lip, Girl Group Members Taking the University Entrance Exam 2018

The university entrance exam 2018 has been held. This year many stars are taking the university entrance exam. Kwon Eun Bin CLC, Eun Chae DIA, Kim Lip LOONA came to take the test as a regular high school student, not an idol star. The first idol we found was Kim Lip who wore a black coat over her uniform. For Kim Lip, this test is very important and she said LOONA members prepared her lunch.

Then, Eun Chae DIA wore a uniform with a warm pink coat at the test location. Until now, she is still actively promoting ‘Good Night’, but she is still preparing for university entrance exams in the middle of busy schedules. Eun Chae is preparing for her sponsorship test during DIA promotion period.

Kwon Eun Bin CLC came in high spirits! She seemed to hide her nerves. The CLC members gave supports to Kwon Eun Bin who prepared well in the midst of an exhausting activity. The CLC members supported her junior Kwon Eun Bin as she went to the test site and said there would be a ‘romance after the test’.

The girl who took the first test as an adult! In addition, many idol stars such as Kim Do Yeon Weki Meki and Da Young WJSN have taken the exam. We hope they get good results despite preparing it in the middle of a busy schedule!