Ji Soo Revealed that He Went to the Police Station to Prepare His Role as In Gook Doo in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’

High Cut magazine recently published the result of their latest photo shoot featuring Ji Soo. The theme of the photo shoot is ‘preparing presents for the loved ones’, thus, in the photos, Ji Soo could be seen doing various things, from having a call with his ‘partner’, sitting on a couch with the presents ready , until looking outside the window, waiting for his ‘partner’ to come.

Image source: High Cut

During the interview, Ji Soo expressed his feelings upon being nominated in the Star Rising Awards category in Baeksang Arts Awards for his performance in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. “I’m ecstatic, but somehow I also feel embarrassed because I think I’m not that great yet. Though so, I feel very thankful for the nomination.”

Image source: High Cut

Ji Soo revealed that he once went to the police station to observe how the detectives work and behave in order to be able to play the detective In Gook Doo in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. Ji So admitted that he initially felt worried about playing the character. “I portrayed a detective who’s very determined about his job and I was not sure about how to express it, so I went to a police station near my house to observe the officers.”

Image source: High Cut

What do you think of this photo shoot, readers?

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