PSY Posted Illustrations of His Featuring Artists Ahead of New Album Release

PSY releases more fun illustrations of the featuring artists who are going to take part in his new album, ‘4×2=8’.

The illustrations were released yesterday on YG Entertainment’s new site, depicting PSY’s new singles, ‘I LUV IT’, ‘New Face’, ‘Last Scene’, ‘LOVE’, and ‘BOMB’.

Image source: YG Entertainment

The illustrations feature the artists who are going to participate in each single, such as Lee Byung Hun, Son Na Eun, Lee Sung Kyung, Taeyang, also IKON’s B.I & Bobby.

Image source: YG Entertainment

The list of featuring artists, as well as the stars of the music videos have increased public’s expectation toward PSY’s new album.

Image source: YG Entertainment

‘4×2=8’ is going to be released today, May 10, at 6PM KST.

At 5PM, PSY will greet his fans first through Naver V Live broadcast titled ‘Psy Little Television 2’, in which he will introduce his new album and share behind the scene stories.

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