[RANK AND TALK] 3 Korean Idols Who Look Good In Cotton Candy Colored Hair

The appeareances of Korean idols always succeeded in captivating the fans. Starting from casual appearance until somewhat extreme. One of the best-looking extreme idols is the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon. He is always fit to wear any thing even the ones that would look strange if worn by others. In addition to stylish clothing, hair style became one of the main points of idols’ appeareances. Many of them do not hesitate dying their hair with bold colors. Here are 3 korean idols that color their hair like cotton candy.

1. G-Dragon Big Bang

Image Source: SBS

The Big Bang’s leader is indeed a true artist. Not only good at being a producer, he is also good at combining the style of dress. The clothes he wear could be odd to others, but it will be different when worn by him that it makes him unique. In addition to liking to combine clothes, G-Dragon also loves to change the color of his hair. One hair color that suits him is the cotton candy. While doing his solo song ‘Crayon’, he dyed his hair in various colors at once. And the color really suited him and made him look young.

2. Hyoyeon Girls Generation

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Girl Generation’s come back for the song ‘I Got A Boy’ in early January made many people surprised. One of the highlights is  Hyoyeon who put a touch of color in his long blonde hair. For the first time, Hyoyeon dyed her hair with such bright colors. But it cannot be denied that Hyoyeon became stand-out with cotton candy hair color. Her face also looks more fresh and young than ever thanks to the hair color. Until now, Hyoyeon often dyed her hair with bright colors like when she promoted the song ‘I Got A Boy’.

3. Sehun EXO

Image Source: KBS Cool

Sehun is a perfect example of a rainbow hair owner. You could say he is a Korean idol who dared to dye his hair with bright colors. He already dyed his hair when debuting with EXO through ‘Wolf’. But instead of looking weird for wearing the color, Sehun’s facial beauty and beautiful skin increasingly radiated. Rainbow hair is not only beautiful and striking, but also helps fans find Sehun in the crowd. He did this to make himself easily remembered by the fans.