Urban Zakapa ‘Alone’ Ranked 1 in 7 Music Charts

Urban Zakapa’s new song,’Alone’, which is released on May 19 ranked 1st on 7 music charts. Urban Zakapa ‘Alone’ tops the music sites like Mnet, Bugs, Ollemusic, Soribada, Genie, Naver, and Monkey 3. It is also included in the 5 top songs on Melon charts. Being ranked 1st on various music charts, Urban Zakapa is surely awaited by their fans.

Image Source: Make Us Entertainment

Jo Hyun Ah is the songwriter and the composer of ‘Alone’. She sings gently to express her peaceful solitude. She eats and also drinks liquor as if she were singing quietly.

Image Source: Make Us Entertainment

Debuted in 2009 with the song ‘Caffe Latte’, Urban Zakapa is a group formed 9 years ago which consists 3 members. Presenting the R&B genre, the singer and the songwriter have shown their colors. Kwon Sun Il and Hong Il Jum’s strong voice, as well as the charm of Jo Hyun Ah are really a match. ‘Painting Spring’, ‘I Hate You’, ‘My Love’, and ‘Just The Two Of Us’ those are several of Urban Zakapa’s songs which make them known as a musician who represents their emotions in their 20s. Then it becomes a hit through concerts and festivals.

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