B1A4 Transform into Chaebols in New Chicken Ad

The five members of B1A4 transformed into chaebols for a food commercial. B1A4 shot the ad showing them eating chicken with full confidence.

Image source: KSTAR

“This is a chicken advertisement. The chicken tastes like it’s been baked twice with soy sauce. Because today we are filming with chaebol concept, we should look like rich people,” said Jinyeong.

The group is also reported to be preparing their comeback. “At the moment, B1A4 is preparing the music. We’ll comeback soon as you guys have wished from us. Please continue supporting us.”

Image source: KSTAR

After debuting in 2011, B1A4 received many supports for showing a different color in Korean music industry. Fans cannot wait to see B1A4’s next performance in the future!