‘Man to Man’ Will Park Hae Jin Go Back to Kim Min Jung After Punishing the Betrayer?

In JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Man to Man’ episode 14 on June 3, Son Mi Eun (Chae Jung An) is seen with her co-worker Kim Seol Woo (Park Hae Jin).

On that day, Kim Seol Woo knows Baek Eui Won’s plan who wants to kidnap Mo Seung Jae and Son Mi Eun’s child. Kim Seol Woo sees an opportunity in this crisis, he catches the person who will kidnap the child and finally can save them.

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Baek Eui Won, who doesn’t know this, admits that he is trying to overcome Mo Seung Jae. Everything gets recorded, Baek Eui Won was arrested for his attempt to kidnap the child. Mo Seung Jae likes Kim Seol Woo who does his job neatly. Mo Seung Jae promises that he will provide an affiliation, but Kim Seol Woo wants the woodcarving.

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Kim Seol Woo has a different purpose. Son Mi Eun, a ghost agent, handed over the decision over Kim Seol Woo’s wish to President Mo. Kim Seol Woo solves the mystery that Mo Seung Jae cannot solve. The wood carving is the key to the safe.

Kim Seol Woo hands over the adhesive in the safe to Lee Dong Hyun. Then he goes to see Cha Do Ha (Kim Min Jung). Cha Do Ha says goodbye to Kim Seol Woo, she’s afraid she will only hold back Kim Seol Woo, but he says, “My mission hasn’t finished yet. Please wait a bit more”, Kim Seol Woo tries to confess, “After this, there is no mission anymore,” but then he receives the phone.

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When Kim Seol Woo opens the safe, Mo Seung Jae has been reported to someone. It is the director of NIS (Kang Shin Il). Lee Dong Hyun, who will submit evidence to the Director of NIS, was hit by a car.

Will Kim Seol Woo who soon completed the mission go back to Cha Do Ha?

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