‘Lookout’ Representative: “Key Has A Good Acting Sense”

‘Lookout’ is a drama that tells about the activities of a lookout organization that captures criminals and is not bound by the law. By getting an internal information network, surveillance cameras and others, hijacking, monitoring, and chasing criminals are the main activities of the lookout. There is an indispensable strength in the lookout. SHINee’s Key is a genius hacker named Gong Kyung Soo.

Image Source: MBC

Some good people who look like an angel with wings are the lookout. Hijacking and plunging straight into the field, he does everything. Sometimes he also causes a bit of a mistake, however, his ability to hijack which is an important factor seems to help in overcoming every crisis.

Not only that, Gong Kyung Soo also owns the audience’s attention through his behavior. Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) and Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi), both of them have a difficult relationship, but Gong Kyung Soo has a glue-like role that brings the two women together and restores a good atmosphere. He always talks cute to So Joo Si by calling her “Big Sister”, he also heals Seo Bo Mi’s wounds and twice does a touching gesture, making the viewers smile.

Image Source: MBC

Key portrays Gong Kyung Soo’s charm very well and receives lots of praise. Focused on analyzing the character, Key’s efforts deliver an appropriate result and make his character likable. The production team says that he has a variety of charms and reveals that the behind-the-scene of the filming location can also steal the female audience’s heart.

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