3 Public Places For Dating in Seoul

The romance of Korean drama is endless. Two lovebirds in the drama are always seen visiting places of interest and hard to find in Indonesia. Originally, the environment around Korea is quite supportive for dating. Moreover, many public facilities are still beautiful and very comfortable to sit with the idol of the heart. Its people seemed to be spoiled with beautiful infrastructure. Here’s a cool date you might see in a Korean drama.

  1. Jembatan Pelangi Banpo
Image Source : Korean Tourism Organization

Most of the Banpo Bridge is filled by couples or groups of youth who want to see the fountains and lights are colorful. The Banpo bridge or Banpo Daegyo spray water from the river down. In addition the bridge is also decorated with beautiful lights and music at night. At sunset, there are about 200 lamps that resemble a rainbow illuminating the fountain and moving as if dancing. Not forgetting accompanied by romantic music. Typically, Koreans love to sit on the banks of the river located around the Banpo bridge to watch the fountain show while eating Korean chicken, pizza, burgers, or beer.

  1. Tepi Sungai Han
Image Source : Korean Tourism Organization

The Han river name is no stranger to K-Pop or drama lovers. Han River does have an important role in Korean history. In the past, three Korean kingdoms competed for control of the Han River used as a trade route to China. The length of the Han River is about 514 km. The banks of the Han River are always crowded with interesting things. Han River is often used as a place to exercise like a jog. But not a few people who play bikes while enjoying the scenery along the river. Well around the Han River, there is a Ferry Cruise that can add romantic atmosphere of dating with lovers while enjoying dinner.

  1. Danau Seokcheon
Image Source : Korean Tourism Organization

Lake Seokcheon is no less good with the Han River. Still with shades of water, Lake Seokcheon has a very beautiful environment. Located in Jamsil, Seokcheon offers a lakeside beauty with panoramic views of the tall skyscrapers. When spring, there is the Cherry Blossom Festival around the lake which is an annual event. Surely imagine how romantic it is to sit by the lake and be decorated with a distinctive spring flower with its pink color? In some corners, the government provides seats for visitors who want to enjoy the scenery.