Park Hae Jin is Preparing to Shoot a New Drama Right after ‘Man to Man’ Ends

Actor Park Hae Jin will soon make another history. The actor is going to play 4 characters in his next drama.

Park Hae Jin has finished shooting JTBC’s drama ‘Man To Man’ several months ago, and will now start shooting his upcoming drama ‘Lion’ (also known as ‘Four Men’), which is the prequel of ‘Man To Man’. Park Hae Jin will once again play a variety of characters.

Park Hae Jin played many roles in ‘Man To Man’, ranging from doctors, prisoners, soldiers, actors, bodyguards, and many more. Seeing Park Hae Jin’s transformation from one character to another in ‘Man To Man’ was such a fun thing.

Image source: Esquire

In addition, Park Hae Jin, who is often touted as ‘One Man Show-Guy’ has played various genres, such as action, comedy, and melodrama. The response from the audience toward ‘Man to Man was very good, as they could see Park Hae Jin’s different charms which was completely different from his previous drama, ‘Cheese In The Trap’.

He will also play a lot of characters in his next drama, ‘Lion’, a romantic and mysterious drama that tells of a woman who lost his beloved man and then meets his twin. Many fans are interested in seeing how Park Hae Jin’s transformation will be.

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