Female Action Movies are Dominating Korean Cinemas This June

This June, the big screen is adorned with tough female characters who perform action scenes. The performances of the actresses tease the audience. The first film is ‘Wonder Woman’, which features a variety of incredible action scenes. To be able to perform her action scenes seamlessly, Gal Gadot, the main actress, underwent special training for 6 days a week in 9 months.

Image source: K STAR

Actress Kim Ok Bin is also back in Korea’s big screen. Kim Ok Bin plays a mercenary named ‘Sook Hee’ and displays a spectacular action scene in her movie. Kim Ok Bin also has to train hard to do perfect action scenes. “I did the motor action scene on my own. I also had to talk using the navy dialect. I wanted to show a more realistic impression, so I try to avoid using CG.” Kim Ok Bin’s perfect action scenes earned praise at the Cannes Film Festival.

Image source: K STAR

The movie ‘The Mummy’ also features a woman action that should not be missed from its main character, a woman named Ahmanet. This movie is said to be part of a new franchise featuring strong stories called ‘The Dark Universe’.

Who is the girl crush winner this June?