The List of Hollywood Stars who Have Visited Korea

Hollywood stars often tour cities around the world to promote their works; however, it’s still rare for them to pay a visit to Asian countries, including Japan (Tokyo) and Korea (Seoul). Here are some Hollywood stars who came to Korea to promote their movies/music!

Actress Scarlett Johansson, who’s well-known for her role as Black Widow in Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ series, recently came to Korea to promote her new movie, ‘Ghost in the Shell’.

Last December, ‘The Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence came to promote ‘Passengers’, a movie she starred along Chris Pratt.

A month before, Tom Cruise came to Korea to promote ‘Jack Reacher’.

Image source: K-Star

The first place to spot artists is of course the airport. Almost a year ago, on April 2015, the stars of ‘Avengers’, Robert De Niro and Chris Evans were spotted in both Incheon and Gimpo airport. Miranda Kerr also arrived in Incheon International Airport in April 2014. Pop legend Mariah Carey has also visited Korea in 2009.

Other Hollywood stars who have visited Korea are Beyonce, Keeanu Reeves, Kanye West, Russel Crowe, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo di Caprio. Every time a Hollywood star comes, their arrival always become a hot topic among the Korean citizen.