Park Seo Joon Returns on the Television Screen with ‘Fight for My Way’

Handsome actor Park Seo Joon returns to television drama screen! In the drama ‘Fight for My Way’, Park Seo Joon plays an ideal female friend named ‘Ko Dong Man’. Of course he willl display a sweet chemistry with his co-star, Kim Ji Won.

Image source: K STAR

People also cannot wait to see the bromance chemistry in this drama. Park Seo Joon will perform bromance with Kim Sung Oh, who plays as Ko Dong Man’s taekwondo coach. In addition, there is a chemistry with Ahn Jae Hoon, who plays as Joo Man. The story of ‘Man-Man Brother’ in the future also became one of the most important points of this drama.

Image source: K STAR

What will the cast do if ‘Fight for My Way’ score a high rating? “What about taking a tour together to Busan? We can also eat together at a Ssambap restaurant, or just strolling around in Busan~”

Youth drama ‘Fight for My Way’ premiered on May 22 at 10 pm KST