Kim Ji Won is Confirmed to Star in ‘Detective K3’ with Kim Myung Min and Oh Dal Soo

Actress Kim Ji Won is confirmed to play the lead character in the movie ‘Detective K 3’. She will act alongside various famous actors, such as Kim Myung Min and Oh Dal Soo.

On July 5th, a source said that Kim Ji Won is currently preparing a contract to play in ‘Detective K 3’ as the main character.

Image Source : bnt, W Korea, ELLE

If Han Ji Min who played Han Gaek Joo in the first installment and Lee Yeon Hee who played Hisako in the second installment showed their mysterious beauty and charm, Kim Ji Won plans not to create the same impression. Instead, she will become a strong and active character.

‘Detective K3’ describes the background of a complicated political life in the 18th century Joseon Dynasty. Youth Film Company is investing their money for this movie with Showbox as its distributor.

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