Moon Geung Young Returns In A Healthy State

Actress Moon Geun Young returns in a healthy condition. Earlier this year, Moon Geun Young who played in theatrical show ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was diagnosed with acute compartment syndrome and started working again. Moon Geun Young regains her health after performing 4 consecutive operations and appears in a formal event. She participated in the film show ‘Glass Garden’.

‘Glass Garden’ is the film chosen as the opening movie of the Busan International Film Festival and we can see the appearance of Moon Geun Young on the red carpet. She said, “I’ve attended BIFF several times but never came because of my work. I feel proud and honored to be invited to the BIFF opening film with this excellent work.”

Moon Geun Young participates in a press conference and greets fans in good health. Those who participated in the premiere also praised Moon Geun Young’s growing acting. Moon Geun Young who grew up as an actress has surpassed her own limits, and her growing performance can be seen in the movie ‘Glass Garden’.