Suzy’s Recent Post On Instagram, Showing Her Bare Face

Singer Bae Suzy released pictures of herself without makeup but still appears flawless.

Image Source: Instagram

On July 12th, she posted 3 photos on her personal Instagram account.

In the photo, Suzy is seen at the filming location and taking a photo with a bath tub in the background behind her. In one photo, Suzy is seen showing her lips, in the second photo, Suzy is seen showing her smile and in another picture, Suzy is tilting her head.

Image Source: Instagram

Although she does not wear any makeup, her beauty cannot be denied, she looks unique and natural. Especially the beauty of her skin that looks very striking because there is no stain at all.

Image Source: Instagram

The latest drama that Suzy will play with Lee Jong Suk ‘While You Were Sleeping’ will air on SBS in September.

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