‘Preparation’ Kim Sung Gyun’s Regret and Goo Do Shim’s Wish

Kim Sung Gyun from the movie ‘Preparation’ regretted not being able to have a dinner together with Shin Se Kyung. Shin Se Kyung made a special appearance AS the unrequited love of Kim Sung Gyun. Only by remembering it, Kim Sung Gyun will leave a smile on his face. However, when he thinks about it for a long time, he remembers the heartbreaking memories of Shin Se Kyung.

Then, Goo Do Shim is jealous of her, indicating her desire to do melodrama also attracts attention. She said, “I cannot answer I want a devious role or something like that right now. I think I should think about it.” The actress wanted to do a melodrama in the future.

Meanwhile, ‘Preparation’ a melodrama with a heartwarming story starring Kim Sung Gyun and Goo Do Shim was released on November 9.