UEE and Gangnam Confirmed Their Relationship

UEE and Gangnam meet and start to grow their feelings for each other. On July 14, UEE agency stated, “UEE and Gangnam have feelings for each other and are currently in a relationship. We apologize for just saying this because we are too late to ensure and the artist should also be careful”.

Image Source: bnt, SURE

Gangnam’s agency earlier denied the rumors. Especially when the photo of the two is released, both still denied the relationship, then on the same day, they finally confirmed the news.

The agency added, “We are very careful because we are worried that this will interfere with the drama filming that is currently being done. Please support them with love and care for their future activities”. Meanwhile, Uee’s drama ‘Manhole: Phil From Wonderland’ will premiere next month.

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