Lee Dong Wook’s Fan Meeting Event in Seoul

After 6 years, actor Lee Dong Wook is back to hold another fan meeting. Attended by more than 1.500 fans, he spends his time together with his fans.

Image source: K-Star

Actor Lee Dong Wook becomes popular recently because of his role as the Grim Reaper in ‘Goblin’. The tickets for this fan meeting were sold out in just a minute. On that day, Lee Dong Wook appears handsomely by wearing a black suit. He also becomes the MC of his own fan meeting.

Image source: K-Star

Lee Dong Wook was a bit surprised when a fan asked about his ideal type. With teasing tone, he asked who raised the question. A woman who eats well attracts him and it is a trait that all of his fans have.

Lee Dong Wook’s Asia Tour starts in Seoul and will continue in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and other countries.