[RANK AND TALK] 4 Most Talkative K-Pop Idols

Some members of K-Pop group really like to talk. They love talking onstage, offstage even on their social media. Who are these idols?

  1. Yonghwa CNBLUE
Image Source : ELLE

Different on stage, Yonghwa has lively personality offstage. Though the impression that we see from Yonghwa is cool and charismatic, it turns out Yonghwa is quite talkative. In the press conference ‘The Package’, he seemed to talk much and apologized for his actions.

  1. Siwon dan Yunho
Image Source : Soda, Officiel Hommes

Both are from SM Entertainment, Siwon and Yunho are famous for talking a lot. Because of this, many are reluctant to sit next to the two. Usually, they will have a long talk every time they are together and make people tired of hearing them.

  1. Wendy Red Velvet
Image Source : Instagram

Finally, there is a talkative female idol. Most female idols are cute and shy but Wendi is not one of them. Because she always talks not only on television or real world but also in her social media. Wendy always makes long captions with emoticons and hashtags.