[RANK AND TALK] 3 Places With Most Delicious Bingsoo in Indonesia

Bingsoo is a very popular South Korean dessert, especially because summer in Korea can reach up to 39 degrees. Bingsoo itself is a very fine shaved ice and has a texture like snow. Traditionally, Bingsoo is served with red beans (pat) and rice cakes (tteok). Often the name of bingsoo is called Patbingsoo. But this food also changes by adding various toppings such as chocolate, fruits, or oreo to make it more delicious. This time Cast Ko will recommend you 3 places that serve the best bingsoo!

Bing Go Authentic Korean Dessert Café

Image Source: Bing Go

Bing Go Authentic Korean Café is located in Pondok Indah Mall and Gandaria City, Jakarta. Café Bing Go sells a variety of Korean food such as tteokpokki, rapokki, and kimbab. Of course, the main menu in Bing Go is bingsoo! Many people come to Bing Go to taste their dessert. The shaved ice texture presented is really as soft as snow. Bin Go has two portions of Bing Soo, medium and large options. This medium portion is enough to eat together, it costs about IDR45.000. For the large portion, it can be eaten up to four people and ranges from IDR 80.000. The taste that we think is the most delicious is the Cheese Cake.


Image Source: Patbingsoo

Just like Bing Go, Patbingsoo’s favorite menu is bingsoo. It also offers a variety of menu. The food that is frequently ordered by the visitors is spicy / honey chicken with cheese. It’s a typical Korean spicy chicken wrapped in mozzarella cheese and potatoes. What is unique about this café is the concept that is created like a railway station and there is a Bing Soo that looks like a bibimbap. Patbingsoo is located in Kelapa Gading, Puri Indah, Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, Summarecon Mall Bekasi, Summarecon Mall Serpong, and Super Mall Karawaci.


Image Source: AREE

Aree is located at Lippo Mall Puri and Alam Sutera Mall Tangerang. Their specialty menu is patbingsoo. Besides bingsoo, Aree also provides bread, mocha, tteok, tea, and coffee. This place is perfect for hanging out with friends and sharing stories. It is said that Aree is one of the cafes in Korea that opened its branch in Indonesia.