Kim So Hyun Admits That Yoo Seung Ho Once Made Her Heart Flutters!

In the recently-ended MBC drama, ‘Ruler – Master of the Mask’, Kim So Hyun’s co-star is Yoo Seung Ho.

These two people have something in common as they are called ‘Korean well-grown little actors’.

Image Source : Sidus HQ

“I started as a child actress, so sometimes I felt depressed and confused trying to adapt myself. But since we grew up in pretty much similar situation, Yoo Seung Ho gave me many bits of advice. With him by my side, I received a great strength, I trusted him. We encouraged each other by talking about our characters while filming. I also learned a lot from him during filming.”

In the drama, Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho had a touching and sweet chemistry. The actress admitted that their great chemistry could also be felt in real life.

Image Source : MBC

The two of them even mentioned each other’s names as their ideal types in Naver V Live. Kim So Hyun said, “I think every girl will feel nervous and flustered whenever he’s near. I also felt like that once. But because we constantly met each other in the shooting location, and we often joked a lot, it eased a lot of my nervousness, and the shooting atmosphere gradually became more comfortable.”

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