5 Things to Purchase When Traveling to Korea

It’s incomplete to travel to a place without buying gifts for your loved ones. If you go to Korea there are a lot of goods you need to buy. Here are 5 items to buy when visiting Korea.

1. Makeup

Image Source : Etude House, Inisfree

Korea is a makeup paradise. When you visit Korea makeup is the most obligatory item to buy. Lately Korean makeup has become one of the best makeup to wear on any skin type. Brands such as Etude House, Inisfree, The Face Shop only issued a foundation or bb cream with light colors only. But now the cosmetic brand has issued a color foundation that can be worn for those with dark skin. The advantage of buying makeup in Korea is that the price offered is cheaper than buying in their own country.

2. Merchandise K-pop

Image Source : SMTOWN

For L-pop fans it’s not complete to Korea but do not buy k-pop merchandise. Various Kpop merchandise such as CDs, DVDs, books and also signatures. If buying a CD usually get a super big poster. In addition there are other accessories such as t-shirts, jackets, lightsticks, and various other trinkets. But if you buy it at the official store, tourists can buy it at SM Entertainment SUM Market, 20 Space, YG Shop, and K-Story. If you are lucky, you can meet Korean idols who are visiting their agency’s official store. The price offered is also somewhat cheaper to buy it in Korea. So do not forget to buy k-pop merchanise for your loved ones if you visit Korea.

3. Snacks

Image Source : Instagram

For snack lovers, Korean snacks is a must. When watching Korean drama or reality show, you would have been familiar with Korean snacks. Starting from milk banana, cocopie, pepero, and others. Korean snack is unique and has not been sold in other countries. So it would be nice if you buy a lot of snacks if you go to Korea. But for the Muslim must be considered before buying the ingredients contained in the snack. Better to buy snacks which are recommended by Korean Muslim Federation.

4. Kimchi

Image Source : Jonggajib

Korea cannot be separated from the famous kimchi. Giving gifts to loved ones in the form of kimchi can certainly be a good choice. Currently, many kimchi are sold in plastic packaging or in glass bottles. Make sure all the food is neatly sealed and anti-leaking. So when you reach the ground water, kimchi you buy will not contaminate the suitcase.

5. Ginsaeng

Image Source : Korea Ginsaeng Corp

In addition to kimchi, Korea is also famous for its Ginsaeng. To the extent that Korea is referred to as the country of Gingsaeng. Ginsaeng Korea has a fairly expensive price. Moreover for the type of red ginsaeng’s price could be millions. However, now the tourists have no need to buy raw ginsaeng. You can buy the processed ones. Starting from coffee, tea, food, and more. the most important price of this ginsaeng preparation is cheaper than the whole ginsaeng.